Tubi TV Free Movies

Tubi TV Free Movies is the best part of the apps. Thousands of movies title is available. Furthermore, you can watch all of those titles for free. There are no credit card or any payments needed. There are a lot of apps out there offering free movies app. But not all of them is stream legal content from legal sources. Tubi is different, this app streams legal contents from legal sources. So you don’t have to worry about piracy. So the best free movies app today is Tubi. If you want the best TV apps, you can try Pluto TV.


Tubi TV Free Movies List

This app sorts the movie’s title in an easy way. So you can easily choose movies as your interest.


Can’t decide which movies title to watch first? Try the featured list. This feature list all of the top picks of the movie’s title in many genres. When we write this article, the top picks on Action and Thriller are Undercovers (2010). The Making of the Mob: Chicago (2016) is the top picks on the Crime and Documentary.

Not on Netflix

Do you have a Netflix account? doesn’t find your favorite movies on them? Tubi have movies title that not available on Netflix. Try searching your favorite movies on this list.

Award Winners and Nominee

Want to watch the best movies which get awards or nominee? See the acclaimed movies that earned gold statuettes or were honored just to be nominated. This list is the best part of Tubi. Because there is a lot of award-winning movie’s title starred by the award-winning actor.


If you like to watch movies based on its Genres, Tubi also sorts the title based on the genres. From comedy, action, thriller, horror or maybe family movies, You can watch all of them in easily, just pick your favorite genres.

Genre Based
Genre Based

Tubi TV Free Movies: Other Languages

On this app, you can watch movies from other languages such as Spanish and much more. The love triangles, the wild plots, the perfectly coiffed hair! Find out why these historical epics and soapy romantic romps have become a breakout international phenomenon.



Tubi TV Free Movies is the best free apps nowadays. You can compare to another app that has the same feature. Tubi still the best, because you don’t need to pay any cent. All is free, absolutely free of charge.

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