Tubi Sign Up | How to Register Tubi Account

Tubi TV Sign Up

Tubi TV Sign Up is important although Tubi is a free app. By registering a Tubi account, you can get more advantages of this app. Latest updates, new movies releases and more are the advantages of registering an account.

How to do Tubi TV Sign Up

Register Tubi account is very easy and simple. All you need is an email account or a facebook account. Below is the step by step guide on how to register Tubi account.

Tubi Sign Up with an Email

The first method is to register a Tubi account with an email. There are no limitations on which email service you use. You can use google mail (Gmail), Yahoo Mail (YMail) or use your own mail services. Below is the complete guide on how to register Tubi account with an email.

  1. Go to Sign Up Page by following the link.
  2. There will appear a registration form.
  3. Fill completely the registration form include your first name, last name, password, birthday and gender.
  4. Click on the register button.
  5. There is a confirmation email sent to your email.
  6. Open your mail inbox.
  7. Search for an email from Tubi TV Support contains a confirmation link.
  8. Follow
  9. the confirmation link to verify your account.
  10. Finish.
Sign Up Form
Sign Up Form

Tubi TV Sign Up with Facebook Account

Register a Tubi account with a Facebook account is more simple than using email. All you need is a active Facebook account. Below is the step by step on how to register Tubi account using facebook.


  1. Go to sign up page here.
  2. On the top center of the form search for Register via Facebook Button.
  3. Click the button, there will appear a confirmation page.
  4. On the confirmation page, tubi will ask to get permissions to your facebook account.
  5. Click on Allow button to confirm.
  6. Finish.
Register via Facebook
Register via Facebook


Register Tubi Account is very easy and simple and the most important is all free. There are no credit card or any payments need. By registering Tubi TV Account, you can Activate Tubi TV on OTT devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV (Firestick) and much more.